MAP (Make Africa Proud) Foundation is a local charity in Tanzania working with schools and vulnerable children. We encourage children of all backgrounds and circumstances to attend school and participate in education. MAP does this by forming partnerships with local schools to encourage them to open their doors to ‘street children’, paying for tuition fees, providing teachers, running extra skills workshops outside of school, providing a support system for the children and also providing home-based care for children in need.


Helping children go to school Helping children go to school


MAP Foundation provides exciting short-term, low-cost volunteering opportunities for motivated individuals from the UK, USA and other countries. Volunteers are a vital part of MAP Foundation and in return we offer unique opportunities for personal development and professional work experience. We are not limited to university students -we welcome skilled workers and mature volunteers to take part in our programs.

Teaching English at Vanessa School Teaching English at Vanessa School

MAP typically runs 1 – 2 month placements throughout the year. These involve teaching English and other subjects at one of our local schools and also helping out with extra skills workshops and facilities for the street children.

Please view out Projects for full information on our volunteering placements. If you would like to volunteer, please email Hayley at mapafricavolunteer@yahoo.com and request an Application Form. We ask that each volunteer raises funds of at least £495 and in return, we provide all food and accommodation at no charge to our volunteers making MAP a very affordable choice in overseas work.

A class waiting for the volunteers to teach A non-uniform day at Vanessa School in Sae Volunteers at Vanessa School MAP Volunteers at Vanessa School